Buckle Up Hobble

The Angus Barrett Buckle Up Hobble Straps are designed for tethering and turning horses out. The straps feature a solid buckle with a keeper, which makes the hobble tail nice and secure. Because of their buckles and the design of the strap, they are suited to longer periods of hobbling, rather than regular on and off. Once on, they are designed to stay on.

  • The Buckle Up Hobble Straps are made from heavy duty chrome tanned harness leather, fully stitched for extra strength.

    The buckles allow the hobbles to adjust to three different sizes, from a small yearling to a fully grown horse. The hobbles are predominately designed for the average Australian stock horses, thoroughbreds, quarter horses and the like.

    The Hobble Straps can be purchased singularly, as a pair or as part of one of our Hobble Sets. They are $60 per strap, or $120 for a pair.