Annabella Tote Bag

The Angus Barrett Annabella Tote Bag is made from an incredibly soft and strong, semi-aniline leather that we source specially from France.

These bags are available in five colours and feature a lining made from 100% natural hemp, with two internal leather pockets. We have also added a small magnet to the top hem of the bag, so that the bag sits closed.


  • The beauty is in the details, with rolled leather handles and French seams setting off this beautifully soft, full grain leather bag.

    There is no raw edge on any part of the new Tote Bag. Every edge of the bag is tapped down with a small hammer and hand-rolled. Even the handles are rolled right down to where they attach to the bag. The rolled edges set off the leather, highlighting its suppleness and showing off its grain.

    The Annabella Tote Bag is not just a practical, well-made carry bag, it’s also a classic beauty. A timeless bag, made from literally the best leather we can find and sewn up with passion and dedication to quality. It’s a bag that won’t date. Instead it will collect memories with you and stay by your side for years and years to come. 

    The Angus Barrett Annabella Tote Bag comes wrapped in a keep-sake Angus Barrett Calico Dust Bag.

    Size Info: 430mm long x 150mm wide x 320mm high


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