Our stirrup leathers are made from heavy, pre-stretched, chrome tanned leather, to provide exceptional strength and durability. The leather used is hand selected for us, to our specifications.

Because we don't line our stirrup leathers with webbing it's important to use a high quality leather. And because they are not lined with webbing it creates a lovely soft, strong and durable stirrup leather, one that gets better and better with time.

Our design features a removable buckle up keeper, making it easier to adjust the length of your stirrup leathers. They are fitted with unique wear pads which can be replaced at any time, giving you more life out of your stirrup leathers.

Our stirrup leathers are available with your choice of solid brass or stainless steel hardware.

They come in two sizes, small and large. We generally recommend the small to ladies and children, and the large for men. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure about your size.