The "Little Yarra" Men's Kangaroo Leather Wallet (Black)

The "Little Yarra" Men's Leather Wallet is Angus’ favourite men's leather wallet. He has used his every day for the last three years.

The men's leather card wallet is slim and lightweight. It slips easily into the pocket of your jeans, top pocket of your shirt or inside pocket of your coat. The folding action keeps your cards hidden and secure.

Angus carries 10 cards, cash and the odd leather sample and receipt in his on a day-to-day basis. If you’re going out on the town and just want to take the essentials; ID, credit card, licence and some cash then this wallet is perfect for that too!

The men's leather card wallet is available in black or brown. Choose between a plain, silver or gold logo.

  • The "Little Yarra" Men's Leather Card Wallet is made from first grade, Australian kangaroo leather which is tanned in Australia and 100% handmade in our workshop in Orange NSW.

    You might not know that kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world by weight. This is because of the structure of the fibres in the skin which run parallel to the surface of the skin. This creates incredible strength. (Kangaroo Industry 2018).

    Kangaroo leather can be split to as thin as 0.3mm. The serious strength and light weight characteristic make it perfect for everyday products that are handled regularly, in and out of pockets, on and off feet.

    We have combined quality design and craftsmanship with this unique leather to create a range of men's leather wallets and card holders which are slim, light weight and incredibly strong and durable.

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