All Angus Barrett Cavessons a hand-made using only first grade quality leather, with solid brass or stainless steel hardware. They are designed to fit the average horse from 13 - 16h.

Angus has designed the Cavesson to sit in between the poll strap and the throat latch on our Sure Fit Bridles or up through the rings on the poll strap of our Station Bridles.

The purpose of this Cavesson is to prevent a horse from evading the bit by opening the mouth too far. In some cases, a cavesson can be used instead of a stronger bit, which makes it a valuable option for riders that want more control, but who do not want to back their horse off or make their horse afraid to go forward.

Using a cavesson in sports such as camp drafting allows the rider to be more instantly accurate and precise with their hands and bit, especially in situations where you need to quickly change instructions and are checking at the bit. A cavesson is also valuable for young horses just learning to go "on the bit", as it supports the jaw and helps the horse to relax its masseter muscle, and flex softly at the poll.

Available in Natural and Dark Natural with your choice of Brass or Stainless Steel.