October 02, 2020 2 min read

Spring is here and as we know, Spring marks the start of breeding season and one of our most popular products at this time of year is our Serving Hobbles. If you're in the world of horse breeding, then the Angus Barrett Serving Hobbles are definitely a piece of gear that you need in your tack box. A product that you buy once,  and rely on year after year. Like all hobbles and restraints, these hobbles are not always necessary but they are essential if you need them to make an environment safe for both horse and handler.

The benefits:

Our Serving Hobbles are designed to be used during the serving process to create a safer working environment for both handlers and horses.

They have been designed to ensure that the mare is still able to move freely and keep her balance, whilst also preventing her from kicking which in turn also protects the stallion and handlers.

The sliding buckle allows fine adjustment for fit and has been designed so that it can be tightened easily at any time during the serving process. The plate in the buckle allows it to lock automatically when pressure is applied.

The buckle on the collar features a roller which facilitates a smooth, quick release when this is required. This helps keep the handler and mare safe as you don't have to fiddle with tricky buckles during a potentially stressful and dangerous situation. There are 6 holes for adjustment in the collar.

The fetlock straps are looped onto double braided yachting rope, and they are easily loosened off by pulling the rope through the leather. This makes them quick and easy to put on the mare. Once they are on the mare, they can easily be tightened by pulling the leather back down the rope.



Angus makes our Serving Hobbles using a specifically made soft-touch webbing and 16mm double braided yachting rope. A piece of heavy duty, chrome tanned harness leather is added to the collar along the buckle holes, and we double stitch around each buckle hole for additional strength and reinforcement.

The fetlock straps, we use a heavy duty chromed tanned harness leather which becomes supple with use reducing rubbing whilst still retaining its strength.

The sliding buckle used on our Serving Hobbles are a unique design by Angus himself and are made from solid stainless steel.  The buckles used on the collar feature a 7mm stainless steel pin for additional strength, as well as a solid roller which reduces the risk of the buckle jamming in the event of a required release.

You can order a set of our Serving Hobbles over the phone or online here.They are also available in-store in our shop in Orange NSW.

If you have any questions about our serving hobbles, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 02 6361 1601.

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