Our new Knee Hobbles Design

November 01, 2018 1 min read

Our new Knee Hobbles Design

We are very excited to present our new and unique knee hobbles (Australian Design #201815434).  Our innovative new design is based on a quick release concept and does not require the use of any buckles or hardware. These knee hobbles can be configured as a figure of 8 (see above), or as per the examples below; either way is equally effective. Our new knee hobbles can also be fitted to the horse's knees or pasterns. We have used two layers of our 5mm heavy duty chrome harness leather for this product and stitched the perimeter, along the centre, and around the holes.

The hobbles have three different size adjustments (with the interlocking 'key' design) and both loops can be adjusted separately (i.e. you can have one tighter than the other).

Angus fitting our new quick release Knee Hobbles

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