#2 Of Of 20 - Harness Belt

December 06, 2016 1 min read

#2 Of Of 20 - Harness Belt

#2 of 20 - Today we're featuring our Harness Leather belt. Angus named this belt after the harness leather we originally used to make this striking casual belt. But, like all our products, it has evolved over time and we have now chosen a seriously dense and hard-wearing, first grade English leather.

It will remain our "Harness" Belt though, because it's a classic in our range and always popular for it's double-stitching that not only looks smart, but helps the belt to retain it's shape and strength over time.

The new English leather is an improvement to an already seriously good quality belt. And as always, we've teamed it with either stainless steel or solid brass hardware (no nickel-plating here!).

You can shop all or belts online or request a hard copy catalogue (order here). 

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