December 05, 2016 1 min read

#1 of 20 - With just 20 days to go until Christmas, we thought this would be the best time to showcase and explain some of our designs. So here goes it - 20 designs in 20 days!

First off is a product that in it's early days kicked started Angus' business. In fact the first ever Angus Barrett 'range' was a gear bag, some chaps, one bridle and a matching pair of reins. So it seems appropriate to start this series with one of those original products. 

This particular bridle is a new variation of one of Angus' tried and tested designs, namely our "Tassa" bridle. It's part of our Surefit Bridle range, named accordingly because of the ability to slide the brow band up or down on the poll strap and throat latch. The Tassa features conchos on the brow between the poll strap and throat latch and at the bottom of the buckle-to-bit part.

This particular Tassa bridle features a brow which we have hand-braided with rawhide. And it's worn here with pride by Binnia Sniper.

There are 8 variations of the Tassa Bridle, priced from $225 - and you can check them all out online here or by requesting one of our hard-copy catalogues (order here).

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